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Here we research and specify the design of the decentralised open access Publishing Platform for Platform Earth.

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Platform Earth is a microservice platform for the commons.

on this site we write about cooperatives, the viable system model and governance issues, and the software tools that support them.

Here we explore governance in the particular context of governing a commons, that is an organic federation or ecosystem of decentralised entities.

# Related Sites

Platform Earth Sites REFERENCES hack.platform.earth/linked-sites REFERENCES hack.platform.earth/people REFERENCES hack.platform.earth/related-sites

Here we list sites related to data visualisation, graph visualisation, and mapping.

Science Commons (SC) was a Creative Commons project for designing strategies and tools for faster, more efficient web-enabled scientific research.

Here we list all the Commons Sites we know of in the federation that concentrate mainly on the commons.

Here we list a number of sites and resources about the various forms of the commons. This page helps us track Changes to the Commons: